Facility Tour - Video

Watch Some Kids In Action

Take a walk with us through the SocrLabs facility to learn what to expect when you arrive.

Pay particular attention to the way everything is set up in pairs because we know that kids have more fun with drills when the drills are set up as follows:

  1. Done with a partner 
  2. Competition is added between "partner teams"
  3. Time measurement defines improvement
  4. Randomization using FitLight or the Ring of Fire keeps it interesting and more "real world"

Also notice how all the equipment has been purchased to be functionally effective but with a high degree of safety. Instead of traditional iron "kettle bells" that hurt when you drop them on something, we invested in "sandbells" that do the same job but do not hurt when that get dropped on your toe.

Resistance bands and straps replace weights, etc. Since our goal is to improve performance, we never want a kid getting hurt while training.