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Speed & Control - 2 Essential Soccer Ingredients

admin - March 20, 2017
Soccer speed and soccer control... either can work but having both is the real secret to soccer success.  Youth soccer athletes training at SocrLabs are gaining both speed and skill through proper body mechanics, form, and structure while adding control to their game by putting their ...more

Soccer Mechanics - Doing it Right

admin - March 20, 2017
Building on a strong and accurate foundation is the best way to build a house and building her performance soccer athletes is no different! Developing soccer game skills without a proper foundation will work... to a point, but the performance plateau is reached much sooner. When players ...more

Warren High School Varsity Soccer

admin - March 12, 2017
SocrLabs was proud to host a great group of girls from the Warren Township High School varsity soccer team.  Check out the video and you'll see how much everyone enjoyed the indoor soccer training in Mundelein... especially when the outside temperature was hovering right around 16 ...more

Soccer & The Fitlight Shuffle

admin - March 10, 2017
Functional speed drills only work when the kids show up to do them. At SocrLabs, we've developed training curriculum that kids love to do with innovative drills combined with high tech soccer training gear. There's nothing wrong with basic cones and ladders, we still use them... but there's ...more

Eclipse Soccer & SocrLabs

admin - March 10, 2017
Eclipse Soccer partners with SocrLabs... how does that happen? Partnerships like this happen slowly, over a long period of time, and one soccer athlete at a time. It comes from proven performance that’s developed during indoor soccer training and then transferred out onto the field. When a ...more

TCBoost Sports Performance Center vs SocrLabs

admin - March 06, 2017
TCBoost Sports Performance center located at 600 Waukegan Road in Northbrook, Illinois is a general sports training facility doing a lot of things the right way. Much of the speed and agility training performed at TCBoost is proven to make athletes stronger and faster so they can play their ...more

Dipt4Sports – Try a Soccer Specialist Instead

admin - March 04, 2017
Dipt4sports in Mundelein is a great speed, strength and agility indoor training facility so when people ask me if SocrLabs is "better" than Dipt4Sports I always have the same answer for them. SocrLabs is not "better" than Dipt4Sports and SocrLabs is not "worse" than Dipt4Sports because the real ...more

Little Kickers Soccer

admin - February 23, 2017
Little kickers soccer? "Isn’t my child too young for soccer training in a place like this?" It’s a common question we hear and the answer is always the same; "if your child likes sports at all, it’s never too early to teach them the right way to play the sport." The reality is that it ...more

GLSA Soccer - Complementary Training

admin - February 22, 2017
GLSA soccer and especially the GLSA 1974 elite soccer program in Libertyville, IL have been a mainstay of the competitive youth soccer program for decades. Since 1974 to be more precise. Providing everything from college showcase events to their annual Octoberfest tournaments, GLSA soccer has ...more

Functional Training - Soccer Obstacle Course

admin - February 10, 2017
Combining team work, soccer skills, competition and functional training takes the mundane and turns it into a fun exercise that youth soccer players actually enjoy doing versus dread. All you need to do is watch the enthusiasm in the faces of the kids in this soccer obstacle course and you'll ...more