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Sunday Fun-Day

admin - April 27, 2019
Join us this Sunday for a pure "fun day" of soccer. This is just for the kids to have fun with the ball and each other and no coaching will take place during this event (OK... if I see someone not using both feet, I might need to comment - more

The 1st to 50 in Architect

admin - April 19, 2019
The 1st to 50 in the game called Architect. This game provides 2 targets side by side and we use it to promote a quick pass followed by a 1-touch pass with the opposite foot... always looking for ways to create better 2-Footed soccer players! Congratulations on being the 1st to 50 Adam. I'm ...more

Aliyah Doerr Goes Triple Digit

admin - April 17, 2019
Aliyah Doerr made short work of joining the Triple Digit Club... but I need to tell you that she "cheated" to get there so quickly. Aliyah "cheated" by staying late every session and just pounded away and pounded away until she hit her goal of 100+ in the Ring of Fire.  So maybe ...more

The Soccer Separation Factor

admin - April 16, 2019
Indoor soccer training means you're getting your touches in, you're getting your "work" in, you're getting your "soccer hours" built and most importantly... you're building the separation between you and the rest of the soccer players that are not making this effort to improve their game.more

9-Years Old & Amazing!

admin - April 02, 2019
9-Years old and working the ball like a top level high school player... you're just not going to get this level of ball mastery when all you do is "standard soccer practice"!The kids coming to the SocrLabs indoor soccer training center in the Libertyville area are accomplishing more, at a ...more

Being the Complete Goalie

admin - April 01, 2019
Good goalies are amazing people! Being able to handle the pressure of everyone staring at you during the most crucial plays every single game. Especially when you know that some of those balls are going make it to the back of the net... it's simply inevitable. But the real key to being an ...more

Pulling Ahead... Or Falling Behind

admin - March 22, 2019
Indoor soccer training is the difference between pulling ahead or falling behind relative to your soccer playing peers, teammates and opponents. You may not like the message in this video but it is the truth of the soccer world today... naturally I'm not including the UCLA team that will ...more

Triple Digit Goalies

admin - March 20, 2019
Since I'm a huge believer that the goalie is simply the 1st offensive player and the last defender, it makes perfect sense that the goalies that train at SocrLabs gain great foot skills and speed. Welcome to the club Carlos! #indoorsoccer #youthsoccertraining #youthsoccerdevelopmentmore

Carlie Arrives Early...

admin - March 11, 2019
Come in early enough days and this is whay happens... you get good!Carlie has made an insane amount of progress in her soccer skills becasue she comes in early and then "works it" all the way through the entire practice session. Making it into the Triple Digit Club was only cool and fun but ...more