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Speed Sunday - Extra Days

admin - February 08, 2017
All the kids go to practice... some kids go to extra practices and perform the extra development work by coming to programs like SocrLabs. But then there are the special kids that go to practice, do the extra work at SocrLabs and then ask for even more! And that's where "Speed Sunday" comes ...more

Soccer Foot Skills - Obstacle Course

admin - February 07, 2017
If soccer drills were actually "fun"... kids would actually do them! Most soccer foot skill drills are boring and monotonous so most kids do everything they can to stay as far away from them as possible but this hurts their development as they age and the competition gets tougher. We go out of ...more

Do you play with "Happy Feet?"

admin - January 31, 2017
It might not be the medical term or the soccer sports industry term but it's when I'm talking about soccer players having "happy feet", I'm talking about players that have feet constantly in motion.  Always on the balls of their feet and ready to accelerate or cut to maximize ...more

Giving You The "Edge"...

admin - January 30, 2017
...because everyone practices. It's the soccer player that takes that additional step, that puts in the extra effort, that develops to be the best. SocrLabs is that "extra edge", the stuff you need if you want to be more than "average" and do what everyone else is doing.  If you want ...more

Old School Planks...

admin - January 28, 2017
Hey, it works! Especially when you're nursing a tender ankle and can't do the speed work. But upper strength is important to maximizing your speed on the field so it's all worthwhile. Remember that Socrpro has an amazing Mobile App that'll keep all your updates at your fingertips Get ...more

Secret Speed Weapons - Just 1 SocrLabs Uses Today

admin - January 24, 2017
Improving speed and reaction time for elite youth soccer players takes knowledgeable coaches and advanced, next-generation equipment, to really get the job done. While it's 100% true that an athlete can improve their speed and reaction time simply by running and performing other drills with ...more

Foot speed... Hand speed... Brain speed

admin - January 24, 2017
Speed... speed... speed... ...there's no substitute for moving faster and reacting faster.  And while soccer is mostly about foot speed, everything starts with reaction speed. Anticipating a move, or failing to anticipate a move, and then reacting faster is always going to generate a more ...more

Quick Demo of SocrLabs

admin - January 09, 2017
SocrLabs is where soccer training meets technology and soccer players get faster, stronger, more agile and reduce their chances of an injury! This is just a small sample of the equipment and technology used to help you play at your best. Oh, did I mention that every session is fully coached ...more

SocrLabs Receives New Soccer Specific Turf

admin - November 05, 2015
The new turf has arrived and it's perfect for soccer... as well as it should be because this is turf designed and manufactured specifically for soccer fields.  It's just one of the great reasons why elite soccer players choose SocrLabs as their "go to" choice for training because ...more