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Foot speed... Hand speed... Brain speed

admin - January 24, 2017
Speed... speed... speed... ...there's no substitute for moving faster and reacting faster.  And while soccer is mostly about foot speed, everything starts with reaction speed. Anticipating a move, or failing to anticipate a move, and then reacting faster is always going to generate a more ...more

Quick Demo of SocrLabs

admin - January 09, 2017
SocrLabs is where soccer training meets technology and soccer players get faster, stronger, more agile and reduce their chances of an injury! This is just a small sample of the equipment and technology used to help you play at your best. Oh, did I mention that every session is fully coached ...more

SocrLabs Receives New Soccer Specific Turf

admin - November 05, 2015
The new turf has arrived and it's perfect for soccer... as well as it should be because this is turf designed and manufactured specifically for soccer fields.  It's just one of the great reasons why elite soccer players choose SocrLabs as their "go to" choice for training because ...more