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Awesome Soccer Kids

admin - May 05, 2021
Kids like to be good at everything they do and soccer is no exception.They like to win. They want to start, they want to score and have their "hero moment". The kids that come to SocrLabs are not just learning how to play soccer with better skills, they're learning how to love the game and ...more
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Speed & Control - 2 Essential Soccer Ingredients

admin - March 20, 2017
Soccer speed and soccer control... either can work but having both is the real secret to soccer success.  Youth soccer athletes training at SocrLabs are gaining both speed and skill through proper body mechanics, form, and structure while adding control to their game by putting their ...more

Foot speed... Hand speed... Brain speed

admin - January 24, 2017
Speed... speed... speed... ...there's no substitute for moving faster and reacting faster.  And while soccer is mostly about foot speed, everything starts with reaction speed. Anticipating a move, or failing to anticipate a move, and then reacting faster is always going to generate a more ...more