Why Home Based Soccer Training Fails


There's a simple reason why 98% of kids will fail with home based soccer training...

...because it's boring!

It's really that simple. When some thing is boring, kids will simply not do it. No matter how efffective a program is at building soccer skills, if nobody does them, they will never work to develop better soccer players.

Yesterday we were discussing the different programs i.e. Renegade, Beast Mode, Dribble Up, etc ... for home development programs.

I've used 2 of the 3 and what they really taught me is

  1. More touches is more better
  2. Kids get really bored with these programs

Since nothing works if you're not using it, I realized that we need to "gameify" the skills training or it will never be a viable way to improve the technical skills of kids.

When I arrived (early) at SocrLabs yesterday, I took a quick video to show you what I see EVERY day.

If your training is "boring", it does not matter how good it is. You need to feed the kids broccoli but make them believe they're eating cookies.


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