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More isn’t always better… especially when you’re talking about physical development.

Soccer training for 8 hours in a day isn’t 8X better than training for 1 hour.

It’s probably worse!

Even though our summer camp sessions are 2.5 hours long instead of our standard 1.5 hour sessions, 

I guarantee you that the extra time will not be wasted on “more of the same”.

Sure, we’ll still do the speed, agility and strength drills but we’ll only do them fro the appropriate amount of time.

The extra time invested into the summer camp schedule will be used to address many of the things we simply run out of time for in the normal sessions.

More focus on the aspects of the game that are rarely taught due to time constraints both at SocrLabs and their normal “on field” soccer practice.

How many times have you seen players making the same mistakes over… and over… and over?

These are the things we’ll be addressing with the extra time.

There’s a limit to physical duration but rarely a limit to the number of small, but important, things that need to be improved.

If you haven’t registered to join us yet… you still have time so do it now.

Summer Camp Registration

PS These are all small group sessions with the lowest coach to player ratios so

your favorite player will receive the individual attention they need and deserve.

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