"Just a minute"


When you respond with “just a minute”, it means you’ll reply or get onto the task immediately when you finish what you’re doing currently.

When your kids yell out “just a minute”… well, that can mean a whole lot of things.

At SocrLabs, when we talk about a “minute”, we’re talking about being “on the ball” for a minute straight, or attacking a speed drill for a minute.

And if you want to make time stand still, try blasting over hurdles, then passing, then shooting, then more hurdles, passing and shooting a few more times… all inside of a minute at full speed and your highest intensity.

Or sprinting forward after randomized light pods, back peddling into position and then doing it again. Hard enough on it’s own but even tougher when strapped into the Vertimax with additional tension added throughout the drill.

By now, everyone has heard of the “Ring of Fire” but have you ever really thought about how this single “game” has athletes passing, shoulder checking, receiving and turning the ball over and over for a solid minute?

Doesn’t sound like much but either does being trapped under water for a minute, until you’re the one underwater and you’re lungs are already on fire and there’s 30-seconds left to go.

What’s the point?

There’s a simple reason why SocrLabs works so well at “skills development acceleration”; it’s because the kids are getting the same number of “game style” touches and movements on the ball in 1-session as they get in 8 to 10 games.

SocrLabs is “skills concentrate”!

If you want to see your game, or your kid’s game, improve at a speed you’ve never seen and can hardly believe, then join us today.

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Remember that we use the other half of the session to focus on speed, acceleration and agility to get to the ball faster and stay healthy the entire season.

The difference is that we focus specifically on the things soccer players need… not the other “football”, baseball or basketball… just soccer!

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