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Breaking old habits and starting new one; studies are all over the map when it comes to defining exactly what is needed to break an old bad habit and replace it with a new good habit.

But one thing is universally accepted when it comes to habit… it requires repetition. Whether it’s 21-days or 7-days or 50-days, the bottom line is that it takes repetition to make these bad habits disappear and the new habits to “stick”.

Recently a new group of kids came into SocrLabs and 1 kid in particular simply had no capability to use his left foot.

He’s been playing soccer on a club team for 3 years but he did everything with his right foot no matter how the ball was played to him. 3-years of club soccer and still using only half his capability.

  • Day 1 of SocrLabs training = 100% right foot
  • Day 2 of SocrLabs training = 100% right foot
  • Day 3 of SocrLabs training = 100% right foot
  • Day 4 of SocrLabs training… it was like a break in dam and suddenly the left foot came into play for the 1st time ever!
By the end of that 4th training session, he was using his left foot like he’d been ambidextrous his entire soccer life.

A miracle?

Not really. We see this time and time again as we’re able to provide an incredibly concentrated learning experience into a condensed time frame.

It’s why we have the RTZ (rapid touch zone) instead of a scrimmage field because you shouldn’t wait 21-days, 3 seasons, or even 7-days to see a noticeable improvement in performance.

With SocrLabs, the performance gains come quickly because we do the things for you, or your favorite soccer star, in a way that simply cannot be replicated in any practice, scrimmage, or game.

It’s the same effect as sending football players to the weight room for strength training. Sure, they naturally get stronger just playing the game but the weight room accelerates their strength development so they can practice harder and play harder. It’s why every single football team does it.

SocrLabs is the proverbial “weight room” for soccer players.

It won’t replace a regular practice, just as the weight room does not create better lineman, but SocrLabs will make your soccer players better, faster and more agile when they strap on their boots and step onto the pitch.

And it happens fast… really fast, and in a way you’ll notice 1st hand!

The only question is whether you’re showing up for the extra development at SocrLabs or if you’re falling behind the people that are?

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