I admit it...we were ugly


When we started SocrLabs a little over a year ago, we used only half the space we now have.

The rest was filled with the items we were storing in the warehouse so when we fixed up the back half, we didn't "pretty up" the front half.

When we opened the front half in the spring, things got too busy and we didn't have enough time to focus on anything but the new equipment implementation and the new training that went with it.

But yes, we were "ugly"!

It was a warehouse for a long time and there was never any effort to make it "not ugly". You could see the paint lines down the wall where the "old half" met the "new half".

Things have changed in the last few weeks.

New LED lighting, too many days of pounding nails, about 4 dumpster loads of old "warehouse" things, 20+ gallons of of white paint and a whole lot of "elbow grease" later and we now have the "new SocrLabs".

Now I'm not going to tell you that we look like some downtown yoga studio where the trendy folks show off their $270 leggings and cozy up to the Chai and Kale bar in-between "workouts"...

...we're still all about performance.

But there's now a good chance that you'll forget there was ever warehouse "stuff" happening in the building and think it was always built for soccer, just for soccer and nothing but soccer.

If you haven't seen SocrLabs in the last 2-weeks, then you really haven't seen SocLabs at all.

Join Us at the “New SocrLabs”

PS Our new functional fitness machine is in action and the kids are loving working hard on it and ask to go round 2, round 3 and round 4… exactly the type of motivation that keeps these kids working hard in the Lab and sleeping harder at home.

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