About Us

We won’t teach you how to play soccer... you already get that from your regular soccer practices.

SocrLabs was developed specifically to augment your soccer training and accelerate your abilities in the areas necessary to be an elite soccer player.

There are 2 times throughout the year where SocrLabs will help you improve:

  1. Off Season – Instead of doing “more of the same”, but maybe on a smaller indoor field, now you can improve the aspects of your game in an alternative and complementary way that can only be accomplished in a controlled environment with high tech equipment and videography.

  2. Regular Season – Sessions are tailored specifically for the needs of a player already attending regular soccer practices to avoid over working muscles but still improving reaction time and incorporating the strengthening of supporting muscles and tendons necessary for injury prevention.

Speed, agility, balance, and injury prevention... because you can’t play soccer at a high level with nagging knee and ankle injuries and you sure can’t play soccer competitively when you’re not on the field.

So what makes us different?

There’s certainly no shortage of personal trainers and if you’re just looking for general conditioning then you have your pick of the bunch. But if your true mission is to be the best soccer player that you can be, then SocrLabs is your only option.

SocrLabs is the only elite training center that incorporates:

  • State of the art training gear - FitLight Training system, Computerized Jump Mats, Video analysis

  • Certified coaches - Over 5 decades of "1st hand" successful training & development

  • Tailor Made Programs - Specifically created for the demanding needs of soccer players like you

It's 100% true that all conditioning is good for athletes but do you want to be the best at doing burpees or the best at soccer?

Check out SocrLabs today and discover the difference.

Your game will never be the same and your coach will definitely see the difference when you step onto the field.