Warren Blue Devils - Why They Win


7 victories and 0 losses so far... now that's an impressive record and one the SocrLabs staff would gladly accept credit.

2-0 (W) - Gurnee Warren vs. Lakes

7-0 (W) - Gurnee Warren @ Highland Park

7-1 (W) - Gurnee Warren vs. York

6-3 (W) - Gurnee Warren @ Marquette

4-0 (W) - Gurnee Warren vs. IWA

5-0 (W) - Gurnee Warren @ Carmel

3-0 (W) - Gurnee Warren vs. W-WS

But of course it wouldn't be true!

The fact is, the Warren Blue Devils aren’t winning all these games because they came to SocrLabs.

Nope, it’s just the opposite.

They came to SocrLabs because they were already “winners” and “winners” do the extra work that “average” people refuse to do.

Going to practice is what the average person does and they end up with average results.

All the hard core winners I know never question the extra work, they simply accept it as part of being a winner. It feels “normal” to them to train outside of their normal practice sessions because they know there’s only so much that can be accomplished at a normal practice… and they want more.

Check out this video for a glimpse of the kind of extra effort winners put in off the field so they can wear the smile of victory on the field at the end of the game when it matters most.

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