The War On Winning

Is it just me? 

Am I a little over sensitive?

Or have you also noticed the onslaught of articles, speeches and posts about the "hazards of winning"?

Because I just don't understand it. Organized sports is all about winning.

Winning is why kids join organized sports.

Winning is why kids go to practice and run to exhaustion.

Winning is why kids voluntarily go to additional training outside of their normal practice and actually pay for the privilege (well, their parents pay of course).

Winning is why kids come to my house and ask me to see the game video from the previous match.

Winning is why kids ask if they can wake up early and use SocrLabs on their own before school.

Winning is what keeps kids in sports longer.

Winning is what keeps teams together.

Winning is what builds lifetime friendships.

We didn't build SocrPro to not win more... we only built it to make kids smarter so they can win more. 

The SocrLabs indoor soccer development center was only built to make kids physically faster, with better reaction time and improved technique, so they can play harder and win more.

Winning is so much more fun than losing.

And isn't fun what sports is all about?

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