Speed & Control - 2 Essential Soccer Ingredients


Soccer speed and soccer control... either can work but having both is the real secret to soccer success. 

Youth soccer athletes training at SocrLabs are gaining both speed and skill through proper body mechanics, form, and structure while adding control to their game by putting their foot on the ball more in 10 minutes than the number of "touches" they normally get in a full soccer game or a full practice.

But here's the key; it's not just the "number of touches", it's the "number of real game touches" that the average soccer player receives. In a small amount of time, their touch count shoots up in real game conditions and this is the real key to their dramatic improvement in a short amount of time.

And while SocrLabs likes to measure performance, you won't need to see the numbers to see the improvement... you'll see it 1st hand when your son or daughter is on the field. 

Their playing ability will be visibly better to the naked eye - I guarantee this to be true!

If you want your favorite athlete to separate from the pack, to get the edge that propels them to the front, then join us at SocrLabs today.

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