Practice Tired to Play Tired (well)


You play the game the way you practice the game.

If you practice without fatigue, you won't be able to perform at the end of the game when your legs feel like lead. When your chest is burning and the last thing you really want to do is chase a break away runner... that's when you lose the game!

Is it really any wonder why most points are scored at the end of a soccer match and not at the beginning?

SocrLabs curriculum is designed to teach kids how to keep pushing through this fatigue factor and to train them what it feels like to have a finishing follow through on their shots and a light 1st touch on the ball.

If you want this kind of "edge" in your game, then come on in for 2-FREE sessions and discover why winning soccer players choose SocrLabs for their soccer specific speed, agility and technique development.

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