Little Kickers Vernon Hills - The Real Story


Little Kickers (Lil Kickers) in Vernon Hills is a new facility that teaches kids the sport of soccer but is it right for your child?

Obviously, there are no 2 situations alike and what’s good for one soccer playing child is going to be different for another. Even at the different age groups, there are different needs and different desires when it comes to soccer training.

Little Kickers in Vernon Hills has a focus on the very basic soccer skills development for kids at an early age and for kids that are just learning the sport of soccer. Teaching the basics of kicking, passing and receiving a ball is where Little Kickers is going to be the best fit.

Little Kickers also emphasizes a “fun” atmosphere which I believe is a critical component in any sports training. Components of training need to be hard to push an athlete but there are ways to make training fun and competitive so the kids push themselves harder than any coach can push them.

But Little Kickers is not really a “training center” for soccer development.

Little Kickers in Vernon Hills is more of a hybrid between soccer and daycare or soccer and after school camp. While there’s definitely a “soccer component” at Little Kickers, becoming a good soccer player is not really a top agenda item.

Little Kickers is really a place to go when you’re looking for an activity centric childcare center.

When you have a child that is interested in playing any type of organized soccer, whether it’s at the rec level or with their eye on a travel team, the place to go for soccer development is SocrLabs.

SocrLabs is an indoor center like Little Kickers in Vernon Hills and SocrLabs has “gamified” much of their soccer development curriculum so the kids love what they’re doing but that’s where the similarities end.

SocrLabs is a true soccer development center and attracts true soccer players.

These are kids that thrive on competition. They love building their skills rapidly so they perform better with their team and earn a starting position or the ability to play the entire game instead of getting subbed out quickly.

SocrLabs kids love to win and the confidence they gain from superior technical skills carries onto the field when it’s time to take the shot that wins the game for their team.

And then there’s the ugly truth about soccer development in the USA… it barely exists!

The kids that show up at practice with better skills are the kids that get the majority of touches at practice, in scrimmages and during the game. The current process rewards the “early adopters” and penalizes the “late bloomers”. This is especially tough on the kids that are on the younger side of their birth year.

SocrLabs gives all kids the same number of touches on the ball, the same number of passes, the same amount of dribbling and the same level of personalized attention. Not only do the stronger players accelerate their development but the younger, less experienced, players finally have the chance to catch up and often surpass the others instead of playing in their shadow.

If you have a child that wants to get off the bench, or is already good but wants to dominate his opponents, then SocrLabs is the place to develop their speed, agility and technical skills.

Best of all, once this foundation is built, they will get more out of every practice because they’ll finally be practicing things the correct way instead of reinforcing their bad habits.


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