Libertyville Sports Complex

The "Libertyville Sports Complex" is definitely a great facility if you're looking for a general purpose, all around type of place to go have fun, especially in the winter.

It has 2 field hockey / lacrosse style turf fields, a batting cage, an impressive climbing wall (not open often though) a bunch of basketball courts, volleyball courts and a weight room area.

Now the confusing thing about the Libertyville Sports Complex is that you really do not get to use all these items when you go there. The courts and turf fields are all used by tournaments or teams practicing so there really is no opportunity to walk in and start playing basketball just because you want to practice your free throw. 

The turf fields are not "open to the public" just for the general public who may want to pay to come in and practice dribbling and shooting soccer drills. The Libertyville Sports Complex is really set up more as a "team facility" and geared towards partnerships with high schools and sports clubs that want to rent their real estate to come in and run practice for a few hours.

But even if you're a team renting the turf, you do not get access to the rest of the facility. 

So, if you want to bring your team in for some strength training in addition to an hour of turf time, you really cannot do this without paying for access to the turf and then paying for access to the weight and cardio section of the Libertyville Sports Complex.

In many ways, you need to think of the Libertyville Sports Complex as an "a la carte" indoor training facility where you pay for every sports service you want to use. 

In summary, the Libertyville Sports Complex is a modern, well maintained indoor training center an certainly conveniently located in Libertyville Illinois, but you really need to keep in mind that it's not always going to be the best training center for your needs.

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