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GLSA soccer and especially the GLSA 1974 elite soccer program in Libertyville, IL have been a mainstay of the competitive youth soccer program for decades. Since 1974 to be more precise.

Providing everything from college showcase events to their annual Octoberfest tournaments, GLSA soccer has been developing top youth soccer talent that wins state cup titles and helps motivated players win soccer scholarships at division I through division III colleges.

The GLSA indoor program continues into the winter months to keep their players active and progressing with training year-round because that’s what it takes to compete at the top MRL, ECNL and Academy levels in youth soccer today.

But with everyone already practicing year-round and going to camps, foot skill clinics, etc., then how do you get the "extra edge" to pull away from the crowd?

SocrLabs was created to answer that question.

To give you the complementary training that simply isn't happening at any camp, clinic or standard soccer practice.

To build the speed, agility and technique that gives you the critical "edge" to create that space offensively, close the distance defensively, and then finish when the defense is swarming and there's only a few minutes left on the game clock.

There's no substitute for a great soccer coach providing great training out on the field but it’s simply not enough any longer. Football teams have known this for many years, incorporate "off field" complementary training as a regular part of their culture, and they’re elevated

SocrLabs now provides the equivalent "off field" training to help GLSA soccer players, or your entire GLSA soccer team, to elevate their soccer performance in the same way to achieve superior game results.

Get your "edge"... get to SocrLabs today.

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