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Eclipse Soccer partners with SocrLabs... how does that happen?

Partnerships like this happen slowly, over a long period of time, and one soccer athlete at a time.

It comes from proven performance that’s developed during indoor soccer training and then transferred out onto the field. When a SocrLabs' trained player buries the tournament winning goal in the back corner of the net at an Eclipse soccer tournament, there's 1 more step taken towards a lasting partnership.

When an Eclipse soccer team is faster, more agile, technically superior and regularly beats their competition to the ball, then you're going to see coaches take notice and desire a partnership with a soccer specific sports performance center that can help make this a reality.

SocrLabs is exactly the partner that fits this bill.

With state of the art technology and proven training methodologies built specifically for soccer, it’s obvious who you're going to want as a strategic training center if you’re a soccer player, coach or club owner.

This is not to say that other athlete performance centers aren't good, it’s just that they aren't specific to soccer. It's the difference between buying a "do everything" minivan versus a purpose built vehicle like a Ford F150 pickup truck.

The minivan is more than capable of hauling a good sized load of gear but when you really need to haul something big and heavy, like a new tree to plant in your landscaping, youre going to want a full size pickup truck.

Purpose built and perfect for the job.

When you have a soccer team like Eclipse in Illinois, and you need to do some indoor youth soccer training, are you going to send your athletes to a general purpose CrossFit gym or to a soccer specific indoor youth training center like SocrLabs?

The minivan or the pickup?

The decision is pretty simple. Soccer players will do best with soccer specific speed training i.e. SocrLabs, while other athletes will excel at facilities targeting that type of athlete. Football players need to add weight and upper body bulk but this is exactly the opporsite of what soccer player needs for optimum performance.

Eclipse soccer teams are well coached with highly competitive players and this makes for a perfect match with SocrLabs.

If you haven't tried SocrLabs yet, and would like 2 FREE passes then - Click Here. We look forward to seeing you and helping you get the edge you deserve.


Important Note: Eclipse and SocrLabs have always been, and remain separate businesses. This article is about building relationships (aka "partnerships") in the same vein as an athlete developing training partnerships, peer partnerships, athlete & coach partnerships, etc. These same "parnterships" are being developed with athletes from other local teams such as GLSA, Pegesus, Warren, LC United, and more. 


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