Does it seem like “more of the same” to you?


Have you ever noticed "private soccer training" looks an awful lot like "normal soccer training"... but with fewer kids?

Same cones, same drills, same dribbling, same shooting... same as always but with greater focus on fewer people.

And that's not all bad; that singular focus can provide great feedback for young athletes.

But shouldn't private training bring more to the party (or pitch in this case)?

How about more technology, more measurement, more variety, more speed, more technical skills, more dynamic reaction, more technical skills and more game style touches?

And most importantly, how about more noticeable improvement in a drastically reduced timeframe? The kind of improvement that you can visibly see with your own eyes versus the improvement you're told about?

This is the SocrLabs difference!

When you join SocrLabs for soccer development, you'll use equipment you've never even seen before and you'll train in ways I can guarantee you've never experienced on any soccer field.

You'll get the equivalent of 8 to 10 games of "game style" pass / receive / look / turn touches on the ball using your right and left foot because all top soccer players use both feet.

Dynamic reactive stimuli systems will train your brain to make quicker decisions making it feel like the game has slowed down instead of feeling rushed through every pass and movement on the field.

SocrLabs is a skills accelerator like nothing you've seen before but there's only one way to truly understand how much better you'll be after as little as 4 sessions of SocrLabs... you need to show up and try it.

Join Us Today - We'll Provide the 2-Passes (on the house).

PS Some people have asked about SocrLabs private lessons. While we do offer private sessions, I would recommend that you try a standard session 1st because there is so much individual attention that it "feels" like a private session to most people.

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