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Dipt4sports in Mundelein is a great speed, strength and agility indoor training facility so when people ask me if SocrLabs is "better" than Dipt4Sports I always have the same answer for them.

SocrLabs is not "better" than Dipt4Sports and SocrLabs is not "worse" than Dipt4Sports because the real answer needs to start with the real question.

And the real question is "who are you"?

  • If you’re a football player, then go to Dipt4Sports.
  • If you’re a baseball player, then go to Dipt4Sports.
  • If you’re a track athlete, then go to Dipt4Sports.
  • In fact, if you’re anything but a soccer player, then go to Dipt4Sports.

But... and this is a big but... if you’re a soccer player of any level, then you need to come to SocrLabs.

SocrLabs is the only indoor youth training center specifically dedicated to 1 thing and 1 thing only – soccer.

In many aspects, soccer training is like any other sport and it is true that speed training is speed training... well, mostly, kind of.

The key to your soccer success will be training specifically for soccer.

Not using a football workout, or modifying a baseball workout, or even trying to extrapolate a track workout and then justify it with the premise that track stars are fast and soccer players need to be fast.

So here's a really simple question for you.

Do pro soccer teams ever train with pro football teams? We all know the answer is "no". There's a reason for this, and common sense will tell you, that football players have specific needs unique to football and soccer players have their own specific needs.

When you come to SocrLabs, you'll still get speed training, you'll still get agility work, you'll still sweat the same but the difference will be that everything you do, every step you take, every move you make will be something designed and implemented specifically for you. You the soccer player.

Not you the "generic athlete", or modified football program... just soccer. 100% soccer and nothing but soccer.

So when you compare Dipt4Sports to SocrLabs, you need to simply look at what sport you want to dominate.

If football, baseball or track is your sport of choice, then train with Dipt4Sports.

But if you’re a soccer player (the "real" football)... then there really is no choice to make because SocrLabs is the only choice for elite youth soccer players.

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